Engineering Services

AC Retrofit to Historic Monastery Converted to Apartments

Lois Roberts Consulting Engineers specializes in diagnosing failures of mechanical systems in residences, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, museums, hospitals, horse stables, art galleries and more.

With over 25 years of experience designing new systems and upgrades to older systems, Lois Roberts Consulting Engineers is uniquely positioned to assess and correct in cases where indoor environments are too cold, too hot, or unhealthy for building occupants. Lois Roberts Consulting Engineers also serves as an expert witness where damages have occurred and legal intervention is called for.

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Client Types

Building owners and tenants, Contractors, Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Government Officials, Business Owners, home owners.

Building Types

Office Buildings, Schools, Laboratories, residences, restaurants, industrial buildings, recreational facilities such as indoor tennis courts and indoor firing ranges.

Retrofit Projects

Westport CT Town Hall: Upgrades to 1970’s era systems.
Glastonbury CT Office Building: Upgrades to 1980’s era systems.
Greenwich, CT 1880’s era Waterfront Residence: Designed 50 ton chilled water system retrofit.
Greenwich, CT 1930’s era Waterfront Residence: Designed 40 ton chilled water system retrofit.
New Canaan, CT Historic Monastery: AC retrofit for apartment.

Assessment and Correction of System Failures

Florida waterfront residence: collapsed ceiling caused by piping condensation in attic above.
Bermuda Hospital patient room: collapsed ceiling caused by condensation in attic above.
Bethel, CT Middle School: frozen hot water heating coils. Modified system design.
Ridgefield, CT three story library: Modified design to bring more cooling to top floor.
East Hartford, CT School: new copper pipe turned the water blue. Designed prevention.